Monday, February 25, 2008

SEO and Country Code Domains

Registering country code domains will make your websites well placed in local searches. For example registering a domain named will gives a better place in
Could target language specific audience by registering county code domains.

As people might register these county code domains using your website keyword rich title, we would be lacking in market penetration.

Once you register the CCTLD you can create a separate webpage for these domains and could link it from the main page of your site.Capturing the market across the countries can be achieved by registering CCTLD and optimizing for local searches.Presently you would be having prospects reaching your website from few countries only. You can increase the traffic and sale by opting for country specific domains.

About CCTLD and its SEO advantage
A country-code domain such as .ca, .br, .fr almost guarantees our site’s inclusion in the local search for that country. CCTLD is given more importance on a local search. It allows our site to be more easily included in Google Canada, Google Brazil, Google france etc.

A CCTLD facilitates targeting language-specific audience.Purchasing country code domains will avoid duplicate content in the same domain.Creating a subdomain will also work out without the country code domains.Creating a sub directory is not recommended as per the articles, as this gives way for duplicate content issue upon translation.General information for names is the most frequently used domain name ending in Singapore Special requirements for domains.

Applicants must be commercial entities which are either registered or are about to be registered with the Registry of Companies and Businesses (RCB) or its equivalent, such as the Trade Development Board (TDB), or any other professional associations (e.g. Board of Architects (BOA), or The Law Society (LawSoc). A foreign company which is not so registered may only apply for such a domain name if it has a representative in Singapore. This local representative must itself be registered with the Registry of Companies (or its equivalents) and Businesses and be authorised by the foreign company to apply for the registration of the domain name.

More on Country Code Links ccLinks
Incoming back links (IBL's) that point from another website to yours, where that other website has a specific country code associated with it. For example, a link from a German website would be a ccLink, where a link from a normal .com with no country geolocated to it would be considered a normal link. If a site gets enough ccLinks related to a specific country pointing to it, it will often be assumed to be relevant to that country by some search engines.

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