Monday, June 30, 2008

Google Launches Ad Planner

Google has released a new product called "Google Ad Planner".

Google Ad Planner provides wealthy information about website demographics. Google gives out not only information of content network partners but also other websites who are not part of the network.

Google's move to release Google Ad Planner for advertisers was preceded by the launch of 'trends for websites' catering to consumers seeking information about a website.

This Ad Planner is a very useful tool for adwords advertisers for finding the appropriate website in the content network for advertising their products. Advertisers would be able to filter the content network sites by logging in to the Ad Planner account.

Ad Planner is still in its beta stage and invitations for opening an account would be sent based on Google's sole discretion. Do not think that Ad Planner is only helpful for Adwords advertisers, it is helpful for all those who would like to know about websites demographic statistics.

Try to get an invitation for accessing Ad Planner account by following the Ad Planner link and submitting the required information.

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