Monday, July 21, 2008

Problems in Google Analytics Profile Creation

I had few issues with the newly created Google analytics profile. Thought of asking for assistance from Google Analytics team and had an online chat with them. Read the below given chat transcript for useful information.

Thank you for contacting Google AdWords. Please hold a moment while we route your chat to a specialist who will help you with your question: "Have problems with my newly created analytics profile for".
Anuradha R has received your message and will be right with you.
Anuradha R: Hello Kamal. Thanks for contacting Google AdWords. How may I help you today?
KamalChandran: Need your assistance!
KamalChandran: I have problems with my newly created analytics profile for".
Anuradha R: Ok.
Anuradha R: Can you please specify what the problem is?
KamalChandran: eventhough the code was added to the webpages of", I get a comment on the status column saying 'Tracking Installed'-Check Status. This is in sharp contrast with the already working profiles which says 'Receiving data'in the status column
KamalChandran: Can you please pull my account and check for the errors
KamalChandran: Customer ID: XXXXXX
Anuradha R: When did you add the code?
KamalChandran: 4 days back, I waited for some days to see whether there is any change in the status of the profile
Anuradha R: Ok.
Anuradha R: Would you mind waiting a moment while I pull up your account?
KamalChandran: but when I found no change in the status comment I thought of taking your assitance
KamalChandran: I will wait!
Anuradha R: Thank you for waiting.
Anuradha R: I would like to clarify...
KamalChandran: np\
Anuradha R: Your tracking code is installed but you are not receiving data, is that right?
KamalChandran: For friday, July 18 analytics has reported 25 visits
KamalChandran: For saturday, July 19 it is 2 visits
KamalChandran: I could see the tracking code added to the webpages and I believe that is free from any errors
Anuradha R: So you are receiving data?
Anuradha R: Kamal, please state clearly your concern, so that I can help you troubleshoot this better.
KamalChandran: Hello Anuradha, pls read my question below
KamalChandran: eventhough the code was added to the webpages of", I get a comment on the status column saying 'Tracking Installed'-Check Status. This is in sharp contrast with the already working profiles which says 'Receiving data'in the status column
KamalChandran: 'Tracking Installed'-Check Status is the current comment on the newly created analytics profile
Anuradha R: I see only 'Tracking Installed'
KamalChandran: If everything is working fine the comment would be stated like "Receiving Data Conversion Goals (0)"
KamalChandran: U got it, my question is If everything is working fine the comment would be stated like "Receiving Data Conversion Goals (0)"
KamalChandran: why is the comment saying 'Tracking Installed'
KamalChandran: eventhough the codes are perfectly added to the webpages
Anuradha R: Ok. Kamal, I will need to consult a specialist about this and revert to you is that ok?
Anuradha R: I will email you at XXXXXXX with the resolution for this.
KamalChandran: This is of utmost importance, as the management wants a clarification immediately
KamalChandran: please do not send this to our CEO, it would be an inconvenience to him
KamalChandran: send the email to XXXXXX
Anuradha R: Ok, I can do that.
Anuradha R: Please expect an email by EOD today.
Anuradha R: Is there anything else that I can help you with?
KamalChandran: Anuradha, on few occassions I did not receive emails as promised by adwords support persons
Anuradha R: Please be assured, that I will follow up in this case.
KamalChandran: Thanks for considering my request.
Anuradha R: You're welcome.
KamalChandran: I believe you have fully understood the clarification I require
Anuradha R: Yes, I have, you are seeing the term'Receiving Data' for other profiles, bout seeing 'Tracking Installed for the profile ".
Anuradha R:
KamalChandran: right, I have one more request for the profile named "InstantSSL Goals-I"
Anuradha R: Ok.
KamalChandran: I created this profile on July 17 by using the option "Add a Profile for an existing domain" while creating the profile.
Anuradha R: Ok.
KamalChandran: similar status is shown for this profile also
Anuradha R: For this profile, you have to enable cost data.
Anuradha R: I see that cost data is not applied in this profile.
KamalChandran: usually when I create a profile using "Add a Profile for an existing domain," it takes only 1 day, now it is more than 3 days
KamalChandran: yes, it would checked by default
KamalChandran: yes, you are right, do you think by applying cost data the issue will be resolved
KamalChandran: Are you there?
Anuradha R: Thank you for waiting.
Anuradha R: For this profile, "InstantSSL Goals-I"
Anuradha R:
Anuradha R: You need to apply cost data.
KamalChandran: okay, I did that now
KamalChandran: I have applied the cost data.
Anuradha R: Ok.
Anuradha R: Please hold.
KamalChandran: okay.
KamalChandran: Is there a limit to create profiles
KamalChandran: I meant "how many profiles can be created in one account."
KamalChandran: Is it 50.
Anuradha R: Kamal, I see that you have applied the code multiple times on the same page.
Anuradha R: So you will need to install the code only once for each page.
Anuradha R: Please go to the websites you mentioned and remove the multiple codes leaving only one.
Anuradha R: This is also the case with the other profile.
KamalChandran: Is this for
Anuradha R: No, the multiple codes is for "InstantSSL Goals-I"
Anuradha R:
Anuradha R: For the other profile, I will check with the specialist and revert to you.
KamalChandran: can I know the page where u found multiple codes
Anuradha R: In answer to your question on number of profiles, you can have upto 50 profiles in one account.
KamalChandran: "InstantSSL Goals-I" is actually a duplicate profile for already working profile ""
Anuradha R:
Anuradha R: Kamal, please take a look at the website and do the needful, I will get back to you for the other account.
KamalChandran: yes I can see another GA code at the bottom fo the page, but the real profile "" works well
Anuradha R: I see that the code is pasted multiple times.
KamalChandran: "InstantSSL Goals-I" is created by using the option "add a profile to the existing profile"
KamalChandran: and by selecting InstantSSL as the existing profile.
Anuradha R: The duplicate profile also needs to have the code installed only once.
KamalChandran: no need, I have already created duplicate profiles for many profiles and is working fine
Anuradha R: Kamal, so I will get back to you for the other profile, is that ok?
KamalChandran: fine
KamalChandran: thank you
Anuradha R: You're welcome.
KamalChandran: when can i expect the reply
Anuradha R: One moment.
Anuradha R: I will help you if you can wait for a few minutes.
KamalChandran: sure
KamalChandran: I will wait
Anuradha R: Thank you for waiting.
Anuradha R: I see that I will need to send you an email on this Kamal.
Anuradha R: Thank you for your patience.
Anuradha R: I will revert as soon as I have an answer for the team.
Anuradha R: Are you there?
Anuradha R: It was a pleasure chatting with you. If you have any more questions, please feel free to visit our Help Center. You can also print this chat transcript for your records. Have a great day.
Thank you for contacting Google AdWords. Your chat session has ended. Click To Print

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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Seven Easy Steps for Search Engine Optimization(SEO)

Search Engine Optimization Aka SEO determines organisations online business success or failure. In this complex internet world the success or failure of websites is directly connected to its presence in major search engines. Crafting a website according to search engine guidelines and making it a real search engine friendly site is indispensable for the ultimate success of website in the internet marketing arena.

Five advantages of Search engine optimization(SEO):

1) Positioning websites in top spots in major search engines for top keywords.
2) Driving targeted traffic to websites.
3) Initiate the selling activity before prospects enter the website
4) Create brand identity and awareness.
5) Improve conversions.

Seven Steps involved in SEO:

1) Market Reasearch.
2)Researching your keywords.
3)On-page optimization.
4)Off-page optimization.
5) Carefully planning and executing the site structure.
6) Enhancing brand image.
7) Viral Marketing.

1) Market Research:

If you are already running a business, do a market research on your competitors. Find out the offers provided by your competitors, compare the features with your products and see where you are missing out in the competition. Once you find out the extra edge your competitors are basking on, try to include the similar kind of features in your product. Introducing new features by foreseeing is where the market research gains its importance. I believe SEOs should give an outline to their management of the above stated research work even though this is just a minute part of their work.

SEOs should conduct another type of market research which carries greater importance and a core part of their job. SEObook has got a wonderful tool called SEO for FireFox facilitating easy market research. This tool provides the following information.

1) Age of website.
2) Page rank offered by Google.
3) Count of the inbound links.
4) Education sites links.
5)Government website links.
6)Social bookmarkeing sites links.
7) Major directories links.

The good thing about this tool is it renders all the above stated information in the search engine result pages(SERPs).

2)Researching your keywords:

I recommend the below mentioned tools for your keyword research. These keyword suggestion tool will help you in finding out what people are actually quering in the search engines.

1) Google Keyword suggestion tool
2) Wordtracker keyword tool
3) Overture keyword tool
4)SEO Book Keyword research tool

By finding out the what people are searching for you can understand the value of keywords. Keyword popularity is determined by the search volume of the keywords. Find out the keywords related to your industry by keying in your industry related keywords.

You can also get keyword ideas by checking your webserver log files, through web analytics tools, browsing through competitors websites etc.

3)On-page optimization

Click On-page optimization link for more information on this.

4)Off-page optimization

Optimizing the website away from the website is known as Off-page optimization. Get links from directories, classifieds, search engines, social bookmarking websites, forums, blogs etc. for improving your page rank and keyword rankings.

5) Carefully planning and executing the site structure

This step is inevitable in SEO process. Site structure has to be planned well in advance before implementation. This should be at par with the keywords found through research.

1) Categorize your website in to different categories/sections
2) Carry out perfect Cross linking
3) Do not have orphan pages
4) Have your keywords in the anchor text

6) Enhancing brand image

Creating online communities and advertising would help you in gaining brand image. Advertising your website through Google adwords would aid you in raising your brand image.

7) Viral Marketing

Spreading your products or services information across the internet is called Viral marketing. Opening a compelling topic could fetch you umpteen replies.

Good luck for your SEO venture.

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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Website Traffic Analysis Guide for Emarketers

Every EMarketer should understand the significance of website analytics.

Web Analytics is a majic wand to the Emarketers to analyse the website users behaviour. EMarketers should be aware of the e-metrics through which they can analyse webpages for enhancing their performance.

Collection of E-metrics data is done in two ways, Log file analysis and Page tagging.

Log file analyser softwares faciliates analysis of log files and presents in a meaningful ways. These tools can be customized to provide data in the manner we would like to see.

Page tagging is the collection of data using javascript in each page. The third-party server would be carrying all the traffic statistics gathered through page tagging.

There are umpteen web analytics software available in the market. It is a mixture of paid and free web analytics tool.Before Here is a list of free and paid tools.

Free Web Analytics Tools:
Google Analytics
Microsoft adCenter Analytics
Site Meter
Stat Counter
Webalizer -Log file analysis program
Analog -Log file analyser
Awstats - Log file analyser

Paid Web Analytics Tools:
VisualSciences / WebSideStory
Weblog Expert

I have portrayed some simple steps below to understand the working of internet and how data is recorded in the web logs.

User logs in into the internet. The ISP provides him an IP number.

Step 2:
User types a URL in the browser.

Step 3:
ISP proxy server receives a request.

Step 4:
Request is sent to host server as packets.

Step 5:
The webpage's hostserver receives the request.

Step 6:
Immediatley the host server sends the requested file to the IP address of the user. The user views the webpage.

Step 7:
The requested files willl be recorded in the log files of the host web server.

Step 8:
The log file analyser software processes the details of the log files into its engine and renders the traffic information in a fabulous way. If webpage is tagged, the javascript code in the requested webpage will deliver the information to a third-party server, the login provided by the vendor will supply the traffic details.

Following are the EMetrics involved in increasing the website sales:

1)Value per visitor
2)Average Order size
3)Items per sale
4)Conversion rate is calculated by dividing sales by visitors
5)Sales trends viz time, day etc.
6)Exit point
7) Entrance point

After sales service EMetrics:

1)Visits to FAQ page
2)Visit to intruction manuals
3)Newsletters opt-ins

Sales Lead Generation EMetrics:

1) Email contact conversion rate
2)Filling up online forms
3) Visiting Product information pages
4)Average time
5)EMail opt-ins
6)Newsletter sign-ups

Hope the information provided is little helpful to undertand web analytics.

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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Latest SEO Tips to Optimize New Website

Search engine optimization is art and science of engineering or re-engineering websites and seeking quality backlinks from other websites to gain top rankings on best search engines.

Search engine optimization is undoubtfully the cheapest technique for online promotion but getting top rankings for high search volume keywords having stiff competition in SERPs is a difficult task. Even though I tell you that SEO is not an easy task there are ways to achieve your desired website ranks in SERPs. Getting an experienced SEO practitioner to SEO your website can do wonders for your search engine ranking. Receiving advice from an experienced SEO campaigner can also assist you in devising the steps to SEO your website.

SEO engineering is formidable to increase targeted traffic to website. Once you know "how to optimize a website" and "implement the SEO tactics" the traffic to your website would increase. Read my Tips to optimize a new website. If you have a new website, it is like a new born baby, and adequate attention has to be shown in order for the website to grow well among the other established websites.

On-page optimization and off-page optimization are crucial wings of website optimization. To get good ranking in google and other major searchengines, on-page and off-page optimization have to be carried out simultaneously. This is a "rule of thumb."

On-Page optimization: On-Page optimization is engineering or reengineering the on-page factors of a WebPages to make the WebPages rank for a particular keyword/keyword phrase. Otherwise On-page optimization is making the path easier for the spider to index a page and to make them understand which keywords you would like to rank for a webpage.

Off-page Optimization: As the name conveys off-page optimization is working away from the websites for gaining quality back links to the website. Google gives foremost importance to back links. Backlinks can be compared to votes a politician gains in an election, if more people votes on him, higher is the success percentage to win the election. Google counts on the number of backlinks as well as the popularity of the backlinks. The importance of the backlinks is gauged by the page rank the websites are holding. Gaining more back links through directories, search engines, classifieds sites, social bookmaking sites, forums, articles, blogs, writing reviews etc. have to be started right away from the inception of a website.

Carrying out on-page optimization for a website: Analyze and understand the targeted keywords for your website. To know whether prospect will visit my website, the keywords have to be chosen wisely. There are wise tools which can tell you which are the keywords people are using as a "search query" most of the times when they browse through the search engines. Keywords suggestion tools can assist you in conducting a research to know which keywords would work for you in terms of getting targeted traffic.

Some of the top keyword suggestion tools are listed below:

Google AdWords Keyword Suggestion Tool
Wordtracker Free Keywords
SEO Book Keyword Suggestion Tool
Keyword Discovery
Microsoft Keyword Forecast

Other keyword tools which you could make use of:

Google Suggest Tool
Google Sets
adCenter Labs tools
Google Trends

Optimizing your website for the keywords found through keyword research will increase targeted traffic to your website. You can very well target those keywords for your website, but the issue here is high search volume keywords often have high competition.

Do you think a website can easily rank for this tuff keyword? I meant keywords having high volume and high competition? Yes, you can rank for these difficult keywords within 5 to 6 months time once you establish your sites with long tail keywords surrounding the target keywords. Most importantly find and optimize keywords with high search volume and low competition, doing this can make you rank quickly and attract more traffic.

Having identified the target keywords work on the following website on-page optimization techniques:

1)Webpage Title
Title plays a significant role in on-page optimization technique. Having your target keywords in the title should be you first step in on-page optimization process. A strong Title is like an efficient sales representative for your webpage. A visitor finding your website in search engine result pages would consider your title for making a decision whether to step inside your webpage or not. So be wise in setting up a title for your webpage.

2)Meta Description
A snippet of information appearing on search engine result pages beneath the webpage title. Meta description tag should be well utilized to make the searchers understand in short about the webpage. Meta descriptions assist webpage titles in pulling the prospects to the WebPages.
Try this Meta Tag creator Tool.

3)Meta Keywords
Though search engine do not give that much importance to meta keyword tags which they gave earlier, it is always better to have it in WebPages. I am sure you must have heard the proverb "something is better than nothing" :-)

4)H1 to H6 tags
Header tags facilitate creation of pages or subject headings. H1 is a larger headline and H6 is a smaller headline. Search engines give good amount of importance to H1 tags. Have your target keywords in H1 as well as H2 tags.

5)File Name and Directory Structure
Naming your files with your target keywords and having keywords in your directory names would be beneficial.

6)Alt tags
Alt tags are alternative tags for images in a WebPages. People who turn off their graphics in their browser to get the pages loaded quickly can apprehend about the image by reading the alternative text in the placeholder of the images. This would aid the search engines and blind persons to understand what the image is all about. To spot the ALT tags hover your mouse pointer above the images to see a text box over the image. Having ALT tags would give you an extra push in search engine ranking.

Take your actions now to optimize a new website and reap your benefits. Be patient, don't be in a hurry, and lay down a strong foundation by practicing perfect on-page optimization and off-page optimization techniques. You will be rewarded within few months of time.

Fore more information read secrets of website optimization.

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Sunday, July 6, 2008

Create your Media Plan with Google Ad Planner

Today I received an invitation from Google for accessing "Ad Planner," a free media planning tool.

I was wondering how this tool would be helpful, in pursuit of the answer I rushed to access the "Ad Planner" account. I logged inside and saw the olympian features the tool has under its possession.

The highlight of the media planner is 'begin research' feature which portrays the traffic statistics of websites information. You can search for websites relevant to your audience. The vital information rendered by google for each website is furnished below.

1) Unique visitors, Country reach and Page views are assembled under Summary heading.
2) 'Sites also visited' and 'keywords searched for' are tacked together below "Visitors of website." 3)'Visitation history' gives out the daily unique visitors history.
4) Gender, age, education, household income information are exhibited beneath 'User demographics.'

Selection of websites for advertisement is made easy through "Google Ad Planner." I am sure you are excited to try your hands on the fabulous Ad Planner tool. Sign up for Ad Planner and Google will send you the invitation for creating your media plan.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Banned from Google; Submit a Reconsideration Request

I would like to throw some light on submitting a reconsideration/recinclusion request to Google. Below are the ways to follow.

1) Do a thorough check on crawl errors by logging into Google webmaster tools. Fixing all those errors should be your immediate work.
2) Check for any site issues in your webmaster tools "message center." Follow the suggestions for fixing the site issues if you have any.
3) Scan the webmaster guidelines to see if you have done anything that do not comply with Goolge guidelines.
4) Now if you feel that everything is perfect on your website and it is 100% Google webmaster compliant, submit a reconsideration request via Google webmaster tools.

Site back and relax...........Google would be taking you website into its database once again.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Google Changes the Definition of Cloaking

Google do not consider the following content delivery methods as Cloaking.

1)GEO location
2)First Click Free
3)Javascript replacement
4) URL rewriting
5)Landing page testing

1)GEO location
GEO location is the process of showing content based on users geographic location. Google themselves do it, the result of a query in from USA would be altogether different from a query from some other country.

2)First Click Free
Searchers accessing a page from can read the content without needing to register in the website or making a payment.

3)Javascript replacement
Rendering information through Javascript technology to non-Javascript capable users is not cloaking in the eyes of google.

4) URL rewriting
Removing unwanted parameters from dynamic URLs is not regarded as cloaking.

5)Landing page testing
Webmasters and marketing personnel are free to any kind of website testing methodologies like A/B testing, Multi-variate testing etc using webpage optimizer tools. Google offers the best website optimizer tool for free.

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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Google's Recommendation for Hiring an SEO

First we will start with what is SEO?

SEO is an abbreviation for 'Search engine optimization.' Search engine optimization is the process of following the search engines guidelines for optimizing websites with the motive of making the websites rank in SERPs for the intended keywords. The basic need of a successful online business is the ability of its websites to rank well in search engines. Search engine optimizers play a major role in shaping the websites career in major search engines.

Now we will see recommendations of Google for hiring an SEO below.

1)Reviewing and providing recommendations on your site content or structure
2)Technical advice on website development: for example, hosting, redirects, error pages, use of JavaScript
3)Content development
4)Managing online business development campaigns
5)Keyword research
6)SEO training

Google has given out the questions to ask an SEO. They are

1)Can you show me examples of your previous work and share some success stories?
2)Do you follow the Google Webmaster Guidelines?
3)Do you offer any online marketing services to complement your organic search business?
4)What kind of results do you expect to see, and in what timeframe?
5)What's your experience in my industry?
6)How long have you been in business?

Read google recommendations on SEO.

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