Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Google Caffeine Improves Google's Indexing Infrastructure

Google's indexing infrastructure is supercharged with Caffeine.

Google gave a hint on Caffeine during last november and now it is  LIVE to the world. “Whole new web indexing system” is how Google calls this and says Caffeine is 50 percent fresher than its last index. Caffine speeds up the process of indexing, within seconds after the content is crawled it is searchable in Google!!!!! 

Both Publishers and searchers benefit from Google Caffeine. Publishers intent to get the content across to the searchers instantly is granted by Caffeine, the supercharged indexing infrastucture. Similarly the searchers desire to get fresh content is also fulfilled. Having said this please note that there is no change in the ranking algorithm here and also do not think that the crawling speed has increased.

The earlier Indexing process was like this

Google bot crawls web pages --> Process them by extracting content, anchor text, external links etc. and then determines about the kind of pages, ranking etc. and add them to the index - the query handler retrieves the data when some one queries. The crawling and indexing happens as a batch by batch process and time for making the pages LIVE is more here.

But with the launch of Caffeine the indexing process is simplified and it happens like this

Google bot crawls the page and process the web pages through the whole indexing pipeline and makes it LIVE at a quick pace.

Thanks & good luck to Google Caffeine from my side.

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