Friday, April 29, 2011

Increasing usage of mobiles has created the necessity for the creation of mobile websites.
The starting point to commence the work on mobile websites is “what most people are yearning for.” Sensing that requirement I have tried to put together the collage of mobile websites creation and Search Engine Optimization tips.
First and foremost important criteria to begin with is to develop the site in any of the below mentioned markup languages.
After developing your website you can test and validate your site for mobile friendliness.
Here are the Mobile site validator tools –
Now the next step.
Would you not like to see how your mobile site’s looks on a real phone screen?  Try using the below mentioned emulators to find out how your mobile site appear in the tiny screens of different phones.
Let’s unfold the Search Engine optimization work at this juncture; it’s all the same except some changes.
  • ·         Create short Titles and Meta descriptions
  • ·         Create short URLs
  • ·         Configure your website to make it accessible to all mobile User-Agents and Google Mobile-Bot.
  • ·         Create a mobile sitemap and submit to Google via webmaster tools, and also submit to Yahoo and Bing via their webmaster tools.

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