Friday, March 16, 2012

Demographic Bidding in Google Adwords is on the Verge of Extinction

Demographic bidding in Google Adwords will disappear out of the system after March 21st 2012.

From the great Google!

Certain sites on the Google Display Network provide demographic information related to their site's visitors. In the past, we've offered the ability to apply different bids to gender or age groups on these sites. We're soon removing this feature as part of a greater effort to simplify AdWords. We're looking at ways to offer demographic bidding and targeting in the future.

On or around March 21, you'll see the following changes in your AdWords account:

  • We'll remove demographic bidding from all AdWords accounts. Demographic bid multipliers won't be available and will no longer apply to campaigns that were using the feature.
  • Demographic reports on the Dimensions tab will no longer be available. Find out how to save demographic reports for your campaigns before March 21.

Demographic exclusions won't be affected for now. Demographics data will still be available in the Demographics panel to help you decide whether you want to exclude certain demographic groups from your campaign.


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