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GA Audience Segmentation by Demography using UserReport

Understanding more about your audiences matters a lot for better targeting intended to win customers. Segmentation of audiences is critical and plays a pivotal role in making changes yo your online business strategies.

Segmenting your data by demographics by digging deep is emphatic to understand more your website visitors. There is a useful tool know as "User reports" which collects the information through a free online survey and synchronizes the collected data with GA data to help you better understand the demographics of visitors.

This sounds great, the information which web analytics tools can't really gather can be gathered by this user report tool. You just need to add a snippet of code to your website pages just above the closing body tags. Thats it, the collected statistics can be viewed from your UserReport account. Any extra help in gaining insights about Gender, Age and Income (you can add your own questions to expand this further).

Just try and see if it works out for you!

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