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SiteCatalyst First Party Cookie Creation to Read s_vi Cookie – My Experiment

First party cookies can be created using CNAME record. Only by setting the FP cookie the visitor ID cookie from s_vi can be read, and can be passed to other variables. Using third party cookie s_vi cannot be read (unless getVID plugin is used), and hence cannot be passed to any variable, or to visitorID for cross domain tracking. I tried experimenting FP it worked for me, I was able to read the visitor ID into an eVar (v3). I had to research a little to get this done, thought of sharing this piece of information……. I made a  post in my client (NAM) blog today, I am replicating it here for your goodness. See it live :  – Please use chrome debugger or any packet analyzers. While creating the CNAME record from the DNS manager, the HOST can be set as  metrics  and need to be POINTED TO /other OMNI DCS I used kamal1 in place of metrics   You can use any name as long as it points to the SC DCS. CNAME Record Creation