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Linear Allocation (visit based) and Exaggerated Numbers while using Calculated Metrics - Exact Reason

Adobe Analytics// Issue with calculated metrics!!! Wrong calculation when one of the value used in the calculation is zero. For example: Whenever the order value is zero and revenue has some value, the AOV calculated metrics divides revenue/orders. Ideally the output should be zero; it throws up wrong value here. I saw this across Client RSIDs; whenever the order value is zero and revenue has some numbers, the value is calculated wrongly. Need help! Screen Shot 2015-04-12 at 7.28.07 pm.png     REPLY 0 | QUOTE REPLY | UNSUBSCRIBE | EDIT | DELETE Answers 02:19  PM Brian Au reply to Kamal Chembath April 10, 2015 Hi Kamal, Standard metric attribution for the Site Content> Pages report is linear therefore (see reference info linked below) even though it appears the Orders metric is 0 in the report it actually is a small fraction. Therefore when the calculation is made you

Tracking Lost Revenue & Lost Units in SiteCatalyst - scAdd do not Track Count of Multiple Units Added at Once

Adobe Analytics//  Passing units and revenue unnecessarily in s.products in pages other than purchase page is not a best practice, and will not be reported in analytics report. Solely relying on scAdd to track units added to the cart is definitely misleading. One can add multiple products at to keep track of units added to shopping cart in a separate variable + one more variable to track the revenue; preferably in the product string would be great. This will allow you yo calculate lost revenue vs actual revenue and actual units sold vs added units.  "The Revenue and Unit parameters are only valid when used in combination with the Purchase Success Event. They will be ignored in all other cases." I posted to confirm on my understanding on Adobe forum - The great Adam chose to reply for it. Reply from Adam -  I am not sure what your specific question