Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Adwords Management

  • Following are the basic things for setting up a campaign.

    1) Create a Campaign

    Decide on the geographic area you would want to target. The options available are

    · All Countries
    · A specific country
    · City wise targeting
    · Location based targeting

    There can be a maximum of 25 campaigns. Daily budget can only be set at a campaign level.

    2) Divide the sections of the website in to Adgroups

    · There can be maximum of 100 Adgroups per campaign.

    3) Create keywords for the Adgroups

    · Find the keywords with high search volume using keyword suggestion tools, for eg:-Google keyword suggestion tool, Wordtracker keyword tool, SEO book keyword tool etc.

    · Decide on the Cost per click for a keyword by keeping in view your budget.

    4) Create Adcopies to for the Adgroups

    · Adcopies can be a maximum of 50 which is again a combination of text as well as image ads.

    5) Set the adcopies with the right landing pages

    · Clicking on the Ad should take the prospect to the right landing pages.

    6) Choose where you want your Ads to appear (Content network or Search network or both).

    7) In addition to keyword targeted option there is another option called Site-targeting.
    We can target individual sites for our ads to run by opting for site-targeting.

    8) Video ads can be created.

    9) Ads can be shown in Google maps.

    10) Can target mobile users, for this our site has to be a WAP (Wireless Access Protocol site). The users can type their numbers in the Adcopies and google will make both Prospect and Client connect. The client will be billed for the cost of the call.

    11) To reduce the CPC the "Quality Score" has to be improved. The QS is calculated by the

    · CTR
    · Relevancy of the adcopy to the keyword queried
    · Right landing page
  • Loading time of the landing page - NEW
    · Historical keyword performances
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