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Adwords Management

Following are the basic things for setting up a campaign. 1) Create a Campaign Decide on the geographic area you would want to target. The options available are · All Countries · A specific country · City wise targeting · Location based targeting There can be a maximum of 25 campaigns. Daily budget can only be set at a campaign level. 2) Divide the sections of the website in to Adgroups · There can be maximum of 100 Adgroups per campaign. 3) Create keywords for the Adgroups · Find the keywords with high search volume using keyword suggestion tools, for eg:-Google keyword suggestion tool, Wordtracker keyword tool, SEO book keyword tool etc. · Decide on the Cost per click for a keyword by keeping in view your budget. 4) Create Adcopies to for the Adgroups · Adcopies can be a maximum of 50 which is again a combination of text as well as image ads. 5) Set the adcopies with the right landing pages · Clicking on the Ad should take the prospect to the right landing pages. 6) Choose where you