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Event Driven Data Layer Implementation using ACDL/GTM - Create Own EDDL Strategy

Data Layer is a known concept for most in digital analytics. As the name suggests it is all about data residing in the layer of the pages. Data can be about useful information of your properties when the user interacts using which analytics and marketing folks understand the likes and wants of users to create an enriching experience for the users. Capturing the data useful for your properties is the foundation to begin knowing anything about your users preferences to provide compelling user experiences that flourish your business. Designing a robust data layer should the number one priority to take the right path to success. Most of us have heard about Customer Experience Digital Data Layer layer by W3C and would have worked on designing data layer to collect data footprints of the users.  One of the main challenges in tracking in SPA / regular pages is users moving to next page or bouncing off the pages. Tracking Interactions happening on a page without the need to refresh the page ne

Comparison of Web Analytics Tools

I noted down some stand out features and compared it with couple of web analytics tools. Please find below the feature comparison of ClickTale with HaveaMint, CrazyEgg and Google Analytics. Features of HaveaMint: Movies of visitor sessions :No RSS Notifications:Yes Heatmap:No Mouse moves vs Mouse clicks:No Details of every link in web pages:No Features of CrazyEgg: Movies of visitor sessions :No RSS Notifications:Yes Heatmap:Yes Mouse moves vs Mouse clicks:No Details of every link in web pages:Yes Features of ClickTale: Movies of visitor sessions :Yes RSS Notifications:Yes Heatmap:Yes Mouse moves vs Mouse clicks:Yes Details of every link in web pages:Yes Features of Google Analytics: Movies of visitor sessions :No RSS Notifications:No Heatmap:No Mouse moves vs Mouse clicks:No Details of every link in web pages:NO ClickTale, HaveaMint and CrazyEgg are all paid page tagging tools and th

Review of 'Woopra' Web Analytics Tool

Woopra is a revolutionary on demand web analytics tool. It clubs the features of a customer support software and usual web analytics characteristics. I was really amazed by the visitor tracking ability of customer support softwares. These tools not only facilitate to chat with website visitors when they initiate the chat but also assists organisations to initiate chat from their side. Visitors movements can be tracked completely using the chat support softwares.I dreamt to get my hands on to the customer support tool to get more insights on the visitors behaviour inaddition to our web analytics tool. Woopra has combined the features of chat support software with web analytics features. Isn't Woopra a revolutionary tool in reality? I am sure you are nodding your head in Concurrence! I am really thrilled to see Woopra coming out of beta phase. Woopra is a page tagging web analytics tool offered by iFusion labs LLC. Please read the features of Woopra furnished below. 1) Woopra rende

Review of "Click Tale" Web Analytics Tool

Web analytics is a nitty-gritty for online marketing. Click Tale is a useful web analytics tool for online marketers. Click Tale do have a fabulous feature wherein it records the visitors activity in the website. This is an unique selling point(USP) of Click Tale and this feature makes it stronger as a web analytics tool vendor to compete with it competitors. Click Tale is a page tagging tool and offers free and paid services. The pricing is based on number of pageviews received by websites. In addition to creating movies of visitor sessions Click Tale has got the following features. I) Renders Information on "how far visitors scroll down" to read web pages in the form of "Scrolling Heat maps." II) Details of interaction with each and every link in the website. It even shows the hesitation time, hovers and average hover time taken to click a link. III) Most of the companies using web analytics tools confront with the problem of tracking and analyzing form pages.But