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Migration Automation Tool: Migrate Google Analytics GA3 / Universal Analytics(UA) to GA4 using Google Tag Manager

Here is POC on Migrating GA3 / Universal Analytics to GA4 using Google Tag Manager. Demo Covers: Creation of GTM Account, Container and Workspace for tags  Adding GTM codes to webpages and enabling GTM Universal Analytics Property Creation in GA GTM UA / GA3 Pageview tag creation GA3 Event tag creation by capturing CSS selector for the button event trigger GA4 Property Creation and linking via GA Enabling GA4 pageview tag  Using GTM GA4 migrator tool to migrate GA3/UA event tags to GA4 Scanning though the GA4 event migration Validation using GTM debug mode Report validation

Customize Google Analytics New ga.js Tracking Code

Significant Data that can be tracked with the advent of the new ga.js! 1) Track outbound links easily by modify the actual URL that appears in the GA report by creating an arbitrary entry. onClick="javascript: pageTracker._trackPageview("/my/virtual/url"); 2) Track the downloadable stuff on your webpages. onclick="pageTracker._trackPageview('/mydoc.pdf') 3) Track a webpage in multiple accounts. If you feel that one page is more important for you than the rest and that page exists in all of your websites, then use the below code for easy tracking. var firstTracker = _gat._getTracker("UA-12345-1");firstTracker._initData();firstTracker._trackPageview(); var secondTracker = _gat._getTracker("UA-67890-1");secondTracker._initData();secondTracker._trackPageview(); 4) Track sub-domains seamlessly if you have spanned multiple sub-domains for your website. Include the below stated code in your subdomains by replacing with your

Recover Website Hacked

How to retrieve your site when hacked Website hacking is while hackers squeeze links to your website in an attempt to boost his site ranking. Because of this google penalises the hacked site and the links within it to carry any sort of advantage in SERPs. Now the big question before the hacked site owners is "how to bring back their sites in google?" Google actually guides website owners in recovering their site back. Have stated below the steps to recover the hacked website. 1) Keep your site off-line and fix the problems completely. 2) Submit reconsideration request of your website through google webmaster tools. 3) Monitor the happenings via google webmaster tools. 4) Happily watch your site back on SERPs. Adwords Consultant Website Optimization India