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Event Driven Data Layer Implementation using ACDL/GTM - Create Own EDDL Strategy

Data Layer is a known concept for most in digital analytics. As the name suggests it is all about data residing in the layer of the pages. Data can be about useful information of your properties when the user interacts using which analytics and marketing folks understand the likes and wants of users to create an enriching experience for the users. Capturing the data useful for your properties is the foundation to begin knowing anything about your users preferences to provide compelling user experiences that flourish your business. Designing a robust data layer should the number one priority to take the right path to success. Most of us have heard about Customer Experience Digital Data Layer layer by W3C and would have worked on designing data layer to collect data footprints of the users.  One of the main challenges in tracking in SPA / regular pages is users moving to next page or bouncing off the pages. Tracking Interactions happening on a page without the need to refresh the page ne

Funny Matt Cutts Rehearsing for a Hollywood Movie

Watch this video if you are above 10 years, or please don't take a risk. Matt Cutts is an Actor Too:-) Happy New Year to Matt Cutts and You!

50% Discount on GA exam - Promo Code $25 Off on Google Analytics Test

Get 50% discount on GA exam by typing the below mentioned promo code. Not sure how long the is offer is going to last, so hurry before the offer closes . PerformanceMarketing I did purchase the exam for $25 today, which otherwise would have been $50. You can purchase the test with a heavy discount now, and later on whenever you feel like taking up the test, do that. But the discount might not wait for your convenience.. :-)

Google Universal Analytics Threatens Omniture - A Revolution in Analytics

Google Universal Analytics is a Definite Game Changer, it is not limited to website analytics, and is distinct from other web analytics tools. I was going through the list of features, including "integrating other devices" and offline reports, and the great thinking put in by Google engineers is amazing. Universal Analytics is currently in the beta stage on, once it open to public I am sure it is going to creating a revolution in Analytics. Read about the Innovative UA at  

Story of M.S. Subbulakshmi Retold through Amar Chitra Katha Comics

The life of Carnatic musician M.S. Subbulakshmi is now depicted as an Amar Chitra Katha. The eternal presence of MS in this world is strongly rooted by her spellbinding Carnatic music, it do not dawn to numerous households without playing her mesmerizing voice (Venkatesa Suprabadam) to begin an auspicious day. The music legend is the first musician to be conferred with Bharat Ratna. MS is known to be a generous and humble person. Her story is being retold through Amar Chitra katha's new title M S Subbulakshmi - Queen of Carnatic music. The 31 page comic book encapsulates the impressive journey of the singer from humble beginnings in Madurai to her early lessons with her accomplished Mother. The story talks about her devotion, even at a very young age, to music. The book also refers to the Singer's involvement in India's Independence movement. Purchase the book here .

GA Audience Segmentation by Demography using UserReport

Understanding more about your audiences matters a lot for better targeting intended to win customers. Segmentation of audiences is critical and plays a pivotal role in making changes yo your online business strategies. Segmenting your data by demographics by digging deep is emphatic to understand more your website visitors. There is a useful tool know as "User reports" which collects the information through a free online survey and synchronizes the collected data with GA data to help you better understand the demographics of visitors. This sounds great, the information which web analytics tools can't really gather can be gathered by this user report tool. You just need to add a snippet of code to your website pages just above the closing body tags. Thats it, the collected statistics can be viewed from your UserReport account. Any extra help in gaining insights about Gender, Age and Income (you can add your own questions to expand this further). Just t

Business Analytics for Betterment of Web Analytics Data

Business analytics tools helps in analyzing web analytics data. Huge loads of data is difficult to analyze manually, if a software can do that on behalf of you, it is great isn't it, and if it comes free of cost it is doubly great. I believe you agree with me completely. What if that tool helps you in creating interactive dashboard in no time, coupled with powerful analytics calculation. WOW! sounds fantastic.. right. The name  of the tool is "Tableau."   Let me cite one anaytics tool as an example; Google Analytics. Tableau has recently introduced a Google Analytics connector, which use GA API key to pull data into Tableau to facilitate business data analysis and powerful dashboards for insightful presentation. Try Tableau for free , explore the exciting functionality by merging your web analytics data and come out with meaningful business insights for improvement. Just drag and drop your data, and enjoy the outcome!