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Migration Automation Tool: Migrate Google Analytics GA3 / Universal Analytics(UA) to GA4 using Google Tag Manager

Here is POC on Migrating GA3 / Universal Analytics to GA4 using Google Tag Manager. Demo Covers: Creation of GTM Account, Container and Workspace for tags  Adding GTM codes to webpages and enabling GTM Universal Analytics Property Creation in GA GTM UA / GA3 Pageview tag creation GA3 Event tag creation by capturing CSS selector for the button event trigger GA4 Property Creation and linking via GA Enabling GA4 pageview tag  Using GTM GA4 migrator tool to migrate GA3/UA event tags to GA4 Scanning though the GA4 event migration Validation using GTM debug mode Report validation

Problems in Google Analytics Profile Creation

I had few issues with the newly created Google analytics profile. Thought of asking for assistance from Google Analytics team and had an online chat with them. Read the below given chat transcript for useful information. Thank you for contacting Google AdWords . Please hold a moment while we route your chat to a specialist who will help you with your question: "Have problems with my newly created analytics profile for". Anuradha R has received your message and will be right with you. Anuradha R: Hello Kamal. Thanks for contacting Google AdWords. How may I help you today? KamalChandran: Need your assistance! KamalChandran: I have problems with my newly created analytics profile for ". Anuradha R: Ok. Anuradha R: Can you please specify what the problem is? KamalChandran: eventhough the code was added to the webpages of ", I get a comment on the status column saying 'Tracking Instal

Seven Easy Steps for Search Engine Optimization(SEO)

Search Engine Optimization Aka SEO determines organisations online business success or failure. In this complex internet world the success or failure of websites is directly connected to its presence in major search engines. Crafting a website according to search engine guidelines and making it a real search engine friendly site is indispensable for the ultimate success of website in the internet marketing arena. Five advantages of Search engine optimization(SEO): 1) Positioning websites in top spots in major search engines for top keywords. 2) Driving targeted traffic to websites. 3) Initiate the selling activity before prospects enter the website 4) Create brand identity and awareness. 5) Improve conversions. Seven Steps involved in SEO: 1) Market Reasearch. 2)Researching your keywords. 3)On-page optimization. 4)Off-page optimization. 5) Carefully planning and executing the site structure . 6) Enhancing brand image. 7) Viral Marketing. 1) Market Research: If you are already running

Website Traffic Analysis Guide for Emarketers

Every EMarketer should understand the significance of website analytics. Web Analytics is a majic wand to the Emarketers to analyse the website users behaviour. EMarketers should be aware of the e-metrics through which they can analyse webpages for enhancing their performance. Collection of E-metrics data is done in two ways, Log file analysis and Page tagging. Log file analyser softwares faciliates analysis of log files and presents in a meaningful ways. These tools can be customized to provide data in the manner we would like to see. Page tagging is the collection of data using javascript in each page. The third-party server would be carrying all the traffic statistics gathered through page tagging. There are umpteen web analytics software available in the market. It is a mixture of paid and free web analytics tool.Before Here is a list of free and paid tools. Free Web Analytics Tools: Google Analytics Microsoft adCenter Analytics Piwik Site Meter Stat Counter Webalizer - Log fi

Latest SEO Tips to Optimize New Website

Search engine optimization is art and science of engineering or re-engineering websites and seeking quality backlinks from other websites to gain top rankings on best search engines. Search engine optimization is undoubtfully the cheapest technique for online promotion but getting top rankings for high search volume keywords having stiff competition in SERPs is a difficult task. Even though I tell you that SEO is not an easy task there are ways to achieve your desired website ranks in SERPs. Getting an experienced SEO practitioner to SEO your website can do wonders for your search engine ranking. Receiving advice from an experienced SEO campaigner can also assist you in devising the steps to SEO your website . SEO engineering is formidable to increase targeted traffic to website. Once you know "how to optimize a website " and "implement the SEO tactics " the traffic to your website would increase. Read my Tips to optimize a new website . If you have a new websit

Create your Media Plan with Google Ad Planner

Today I received an invitation from Google for accessing "Ad Planner," a free media planning tool. I was wondering how this tool would be helpful, in pursuit of the answer I rushed to access the "Ad Planner" account. I logged inside and saw the olympian features the tool has under its possession. The highlight of the media planner is 'begin research' feature which portrays the traffic statistics of websites information. You can search for websites relevant to your audience. The vital information rendered by google for each website is furnished below. 1) Unique visitors, Country reach and Page views are assembled under Summary heading. 2) 'Sites also visited' and 'keywords searched for' are tacked together below "Visitors of website." 3)'Visitation history' gives out the daily unique visitors history. 4) Gender, age, education, household income information are exhibited beneath 'User demographics.' Selectio

Banned from Google; Submit a Reconsideration Request

I would like to throw some light on submitting a reconsideration/recinclusion request to Google. Below are the ways to follow. 1) Do a thorough check on crawl errors by logging into Google webmaster tools. Fixing all those errors should be your immediate work. 2) Check for any site issues in your webmaster tools "message center." Follow the suggestions for fixing the site issues if you have any. 3) Scan the webmaster guidelines to see if you have done anything that do not comply with Goolge guidelines. 4) Now if you feel that everything is perfect on your website and it is 100% Google webmaster compliant, submit a reconsideration request via Google webmaster tools. Site back and relax...........Google would be taking you website into its database once again.

Google Changes the Definition of Cloaking

Google do not consider the following content delivery methods as Cloaking. 1)GEO location 2)First Click Free 3)Javascript replacement 4) URL rewriting 5)Landing page testing 1)GEO location GEO location is the process of showing content based on users geographic location. Google themselves do it, the result of a query in from USA would be altogether different from a query from some other country. 2)First Click Free Searchers accessing a page from can read the content without needing to register in the website or making a payment. 3)Javascript replacement Rendering information through Javascript technology to non-Javascript capable users is not cloaking in the eyes of google. 4) URL rewriting Removing unwanted parameters from dynamic URLs is not regarded as cloaking. 5)Landing page testing Webmasters and marketing personnel are free to any kind of website testing methodologies like A/B testing, Multi-variate testing etc using webpage optimizer tools. Google offers

Google's Recommendation for Hiring an SEO

First we will start with what is SEO? SEO is an abbreviation for 'Search engine optimization.' Search engine optimization is the process of following the search engines guidelines for optimizing websites with the motive of making the websites rank in SERPs for the intended keywords. The basic need of a successful online business is the ability of its websites to rank well in search engines. Search engine optimizers play a major role in shaping the websites career in major search engines. Now we will see recommendations of Google for hiring an SEO below. 1)Reviewing and providing recommendations on your site content or structure 2)Technical advice on website development: for example, hosting, redirects, error pages, use of JavaScript 3)Content development 4)Managing online business development campaigns 5)Keyword research 6)SEO training Google has given out the questions to ask an SEO. They are 1)Can you show me examples of your previous work and share some success stories? 2)Do