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Event Driven Data Layer Implementation using ACDL/GTM - Create Own EDDL Strategy

Data Layer is a known concept for most in digital analytics. As the name suggests it is all about data residing in the layer of the pages. Data can be about useful information of your properties when the user interacts using which analytics and marketing folks understand the likes and wants of users to create an enriching experience for the users. Capturing the data useful for your properties is the foundation to begin knowing anything about your users preferences to provide compelling user experiences that flourish your business. Designing a robust data layer should the number one priority to take the right path to success. Most of us have heard about Customer Experience Digital Data Layer layer by W3C and would have worked on designing data layer to collect data footprints of the users.  One of the main challenges in tracking in SPA / regular pages is users moving to next page or bouncing off the pages. Tracking Interactions happening on a page without the need to refresh the page ne

Tag Management Solution Improves Digital Analytics

Tag management system improves web intelligence and solves tag management problems suffered by customer intelligence professionals. Javascript tags which always find a place in websites supports a wide array of analytics, technical and marketing services. Implementation and maintenance of Javascript tags is a never ending battle for the professionals. Tag management solutions comes as a rescuer for CI professionals by supercharging them to win against the complex tag management issues. These solutions replaces individual JS tags with a single piece of master tag and congeries tag execution and maintenance to a consolidated management application. Download the Forrester's Guide on "how tag management improves digital analytics."