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Migration Automation Tool: Migrate Google Analytics GA3 / Universal Analytics(UA) to GA4 using Google Tag Manager

Here is POC on Migrating GA3 / Universal Analytics to GA4 using Google Tag Manager. Demo Covers: Creation of GTM Account, Container and Workspace for tags  Adding GTM codes to webpages and enabling GTM Universal Analytics Property Creation in GA GTM UA / GA3 Pageview tag creation GA3 Event tag creation by capturing CSS selector for the button event trigger GA4 Property Creation and linking via GA Enabling GA4 pageview tag  Using GTM GA4 migrator tool to migrate GA3/UA event tags to GA4 Scanning though the GA4 event migration Validation using GTM debug mode Report validation

Tagging Email Campaign Links for Measuring the Success of the Campaign

Do you send out email campaigns regularly? Are you able to track the effectiveness of your email campaigns? If your answer is 'Yes' for the first question and 'No' for the second question.. then you would find this post helpful. Tagging email campaigns links would supply you with the statistics of visitors activities after they enter you web pages by following the link in your email campaign. Campaign tags can be created very easily using Google's URL builder tool and tracking the visitor stats can be done using Google analytics, a free and powerful web analytics tool. Understand your email campaign prospects behavior using Google Analytics. Using email marketing solutions like Campaign Monitor , MailChimp , VerticalResponse and AWeber will automatically tag your campaign links.

Remove Duplicates Created by Tracking Parameters Using Canonical URL Tag

Using tracking parameters is an excellent way for tracking visitors from paid advertisements. Tracking parameters facilitates distinction of paid advertisements from other traffic sources. But an issue could pop up anytime while using these parameters in the form of search engine indexing both your urls which includes your original url as well. This is as if you are having a duplicate url for your main url. Putting a 301 redirect from duplicate url to original url would eliminate your chances of tracking the paid advertisements. So what are you going to do now? Don't worry there is way to fix this issue. Adding a canonical url tag to your duplicate page by specifying the original url can wipe of all your concerns. By including a canonical url tag you are informing the search engines about your original url. Search engines not only leave out the duplicate page from its index but also transfers all the search engine metrics to the original url.

Shadow Domains for SEO Rankings/ Beware of SEO Companies

Beware of SEO companies using their own shadow domains to boost the performance of client websites. Shadow websites lead/redirect the visitors to client websites. Things are certain to look good until the clients relationship with the SEO company prevails. Once the relationship is ruptured the SEO company would remove the redirect set to the client website from their shadow domain and point it to their new client website. This new client could be the competitor for the former client. Well, the poor client who has actually paid for the SEO company will loose the value of the shadow website link gained so far and ultimately their website performance will dip. Website owners using the services of SEO companies should be aware of this situation! Reference URL:

Online Fax Vendors Comparison/ Internet Fax Products SEO Competitor Analysis

Send you fax through online!Forget sending your fax over the fax machine... Using online faxing tools you can send your fax online in a secured way! Find below the screenshot of best online fax vendors in the market.. and subsequently after the screenshot you will find a link to download the online fax competitor analysis spreadsheet for SEO. Download Online fax competitor analysis spreadsheet

SSL Competitor Analysis/ SSL Certificates Competitors

Competitor analysis for SEO is very crucial for the success of your website. Without knowing who your competitors are and what tactics they adopt to market their website to search engines search engine optimization cannot be performed successfully. Here is a complete SEO competitor analysis of SSL vendors. The SSL vendors furnished in the list are real stalwarts in the SSL Industry. Download SSL Competitor Analysis Spreadsheet.

Track Mobile Visitors Using Google Analytics

Mobiles support WAP enabled browsers and the support given to full browsers (supports HTML & analytics tools) is less. Google analytics tracks visitors from mobiles that supports full browsers (supports HTML & analytics tools). Google analytics reports visitors from iPhone, the T-Mobile G1, and other mobile devices with full (HTML) Internet browsers. To know whether a particular mobile supports full browsers check the manufacturers website for information. To eye on the iphone visitor report in Google analytics select "Visits from iPhones" in the Advance segments drop down. By default Google has created the segment for easy glance at the report. I am glad that Google is getting geared to enter the mobile web analytics market to compete with the top mobile analytics vendors such as Bango , Mobilytics etc. Comon Google! You can capture the mobile analytics market...... Reference Links: What re Full Browsers iPhone and Mobile G1

Track Phone Calls and Live Chat Using Google Analytics

Transperancy of Google Analytics makes it the number one free & best web analytics tool; the market has ever witnessed. Due to the immense popularity of GA more and more companies have made up mind to integrate their products with GA. Mongoose metrics and LivePerson have integrated their products with GA. To track conversions occurring on the website we look for the completed online forms,orders placed pages etc. But how do you track the conversions that happens offline. For example a customer pick up the phone and dials your company for seeking information or for placing an order. Now wipe off your worries and give an astonishing look at Mongoose metrics. Mangoose metrics sells low cost toll numbers and gives you insights on the full numbers of dialled calls to your company in your Google analytics profiles. Each call is reported in GA as a visit!!!!! LivePerson is a customer support live chat tool. It reveals the intentions of visitors chatting with the customer support person

New Canonical URL Tag & its Uses- The Great Invention

Wow! what an agreement among Google Yahoo and MSN.. my hearty applause for the invention of canonical tag!! With the advent of the canonical tag all the worries about duplicate urls vanish in thin air. To denote the web pages as duplicates but also to secure the search engine metrics associated with the URLs the only weapons search marketers had before this invention was 301 redirect. Now search marketers have a very simple way of labeling duplicate urls and also to pass on the valuable search engine metrics to the preferred URL. Here is the simple way of informing search engines about the preferred url and the duplicate urls associated with it. Add the following link tag to the head section of your duplicate URLs to inform Google, Yahoo and MSN about your preferred URL. Specify your preferred url within the head section of duplicate pages using the Canonical link tag. The search engine metrics value associated with the duplicate urls will get transferred to the preferred URL. Canonic

Top and Popular Google Analytics Hacks and Filters Set Up Instructions

Top and Popular Google Analytics Hacks Google analytics is a robust and flexible free web analytics tool. Even after having the capability to compete with the best paid web analytics tools available in the market; Google analytics is offered free of cost. Google analytics is a page tagging tool, just adding few lines of codes to the web pages is enough to get a detailed visitor statistics in your Google analytics account. Google analytics has got powerful filters and these filters makes this product an even better web analytics tool. Following are the usefulness of setting up filters & adding additional lines to the Google analytics code: Top Google Analytics Hacks: (1)Include my website traffic only Your GA code is vulnerable to be copied by others to have in their websites. This would make your GA reports show not only the data belonging to your domains but also others. The only way to avoid this is to have the following filer. Filter set up steps: Enter Filter Name: Include My

What is Keyword Research?

Keyword research is the life blood of Search Engine Optimization aka SEO . Just adding keywords to the website without doing a keyword research is like sowing seeds in sterile land. The basic purchase of keyword research is to find out what keywords people are using to find your related products or services. Keywords suggestion tools render handy insights about the search behavior of people. Tools like Google keyword suggestion tool , Word tracker , Keyword discovery etc. can list out keywords people are search for to reach the websites of you related products or services. Having those keywords in the web pages and executing the SEO techniques will increase targeted traffic to your website. High competition for the researched keywords would delay the keyword ranking process. Even then good SEOs can make your websites rank for high competition keywords by employing white hat SEO techniques in a systematic way.

What is LSI (Latent Semantics Indexing)?

The increasing use of keyword density has paved way for the powerful LSI(Latent Semantic Indexing). LSI helps GOOGle, the search engine giant to distinguish the web pages having the keywords repeated several times in them from the web pages having the keywords that relates well with each other. LSI conceives natural & synonymous relationship between words. Google thought it is of utmost necessity to incorporate LSI technology to decide on the keyword ranking. Google purchased the LSI technology from Applied Semantics . The same technology powers Adsense which works on contextual targeting. Quintura tools assists Search Marketers for finding out related keywords for their target keywords. Useful Links:

Mobile Web Analytics Bango

For the first time you can get real time, accurate information about key metrics such as the number of unique visitors to you and an independent comparison of the success/conversion rates for all your mobile marketing campaigns. There are two implementations: 1.Campaign tracking which enables you to get a independent measurement of all your mobile marketing and advertising campaigns and their success. 2. PAGE TRACKING which enables you to track what users are doing on your mobile sites, who your visitors are and where they are coming (similar to Google Analytics but for mobile). Bango Analytics gives you answers to the following questions: · How many unique visitors had you had (rather than just visits)? · Which country and operator are your visitors from? · How many times have they visited your mobile site? · What content do they like? · Which search engine or advertisement have they come from?/Best ROI · How much money have they spent?

Verisign SSL Keyword Ranking Report

Search Marketers working with SSL certificate developing and selling companies would find this post very useful. Verisign is one of the stalwarts of SSL security market. I have compiled a keyword ranking report for Verisign SSL. The keyword report showcases the keyword ranking and the web pages for which it ranks in Google search engine. Search marketers can download the report from the below given link. Verisign SSL Keyword Ranking Report

Review of Mobile Web Analytics Tool Bango

Mobile analytics tools are slowly emerging in the market. It seems that marketers have understood the importance of analyzing visitors from mobiles to their websites. Traditional web analytics tools doesn't have the ability to give statistics of mobile visitors due to technology incompatibility. What I mean is that " most of the mobiles do not support Javascript and cookies used by web analytics tools" to render the visitor metrics.People accessing websites through their mobiles are gradually increasing day by day. This means a small percentage of sale is happening through mobile users. The present small percentage has every potential to climb up over a period of time. Not considering the behaviour of mobile users will be costly miss to the online companies. 'Bango' is a simple and robust mobile web analytics tool. Well, good tools come with a price and so is 'Bango.' Bango offers a 30 day free trial period. Marketers can make use of this opportunity to s

Comodo Instantssl Certificates

Comodo Instantssl certificates are robust SSL certificates issued by Comodo which itself is a Certification Authority (CA). People looking out for SSL certificates trust Comodo Instantssl at par with Verisign SSL certificates. The trust gained by Comodo Instantssl as a Certification Authority is enormous and it can easily outplay its competitors in the SSL certificates market. Comodo Instantssl has donned the cap of a highly reliable and trusted SSL certificate that can be purchased instantly without any hassles in the issuing process. The process of issuing certificates include verifying the legitimacy of the websites and number of other factors. Comodo Instantssl certificates are priced competitively. Comodo Instantssl enhances security of the website and increases the conversion rate of the websites.

Grand Office Pongal Celebrations at Comodo India Office

Pongal was celebrated in a grand manner at our Comodo India Office located in Nandanam, Chennai. Read the entire write-up about the office Pongal celebrations by clicking on the below links. 1) Pongal Celebration 2 Office Pongal Celebrations

Comodo Office Pongal Celebrations

I celebrated a memorable Pongal festival along with my colleagues here at Comodo India office on Jan 13. Comodo India office is the linchpin of Comodo headquarters located in New Jersey, USA. Please read the interesting posts about office pongal celebration from the below links. 1) Pongal Celebration 2 Office Pongal Celebrations

Google Adsense Optimization Guide

Linking your Adsense account to Google analytics account is the best way to improve the performance of your Adsense ads. Below are the benefits of linking Adsense account with analytics account. 1) Find out the traffic sources of visitors who click on your Adsense ads and optimize your content. Similarly identify the geo location of your visitors and the webpages and carry out the optimization activities. 2) Gift your website visitors a wonderful user experience by improving the web pages where visitors spend very less time. Google analytics may look like a very simple and less powerful tool for those who judge the tool before signing up to use the tool. Once people signs up and starts using the tool their entire negative perception towards the tool vanishes away in seconds and here is where admiration starts booming eternally. 3) Discover the kinds of ads that have more possibility of getting clicked and optimize your web pages for those kind of ads. Now you would be willing to kno