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Customize Google Analytics New ga.js Tracking Code

Significant Data that can be tracked with the advent of the new ga.js!

1) Track outbound links easily by modify the actual URL that appears in the GA report by creating an arbitrary entry.

onClick="javascript: pageTracker._trackPageview("/my/virtual/url");

2) Track the downloadable stuff on your webpages.


3) Track a webpage in multiple accounts. If you feel that one page is more important for you than the rest and that page exists in all of your websites, then use the below code for easy tracking.

var firstTracker = _gat._getTracker("UA-12345-1");firstTracker._initData();firstTracker._trackPageview();

var secondTracker = _gat._getTracker("UA-67890-1");secondTracker._initData();secondTracker._trackPageview();

4) Track sub-domains seamlessly if you have spanned multiple sub-domains for your website. Include the below stated code in your subdomains by replacing with your domain name.

var pageTracker = _gat._getTracker("UA-12345-1");

5) Track visitors across your domains using a link; by transferring cookies throughout your domains. To send cookies through URL _link( ) function is used.


6) Track visitors across domains while they fill in the form placed in your website and move to another domain( when clicking on the form submit button). Cookies would be sent through the _linkByPost() function.



7) Track Ecommerce Transactions effortlessly.

8) Add secondary earch Engines to your analytics report. You can add secondary search engines using the _addOrganic() function.

pageTracker._addOrganic("secaondary search engine name", "q");

9) Restriction of cookie data to a sub-directory.

Just alter your preferred cookiepath to the _setCookiePath() function.

pageTracker._setCookiePath("/advertisingaxis path/of/cookie/");

10) Track manually tagged # symbol url instead of question mark (?). Set the _setAllowAnchor() to true.


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