Monday, June 23, 2008

Make Money using Google Adsense

There are so many ways to make money from the internet provided we understand the jargons of the internet. Google launched a product called 'Adsense' which facilitates publishers to make money by displaying "google adwords" advertisers ads on their website.

Adsense works on contextual advertising mode. For eg scenario:- Mr.X owns a blog and it is filled with content related to tourism in kerala. Mr. X's blog is enrolled in Adsense program and a google adwords advertiser has got an adcopy related to kerala tourism. Since google adsense works on contextual basis, the adwords advertisers ad will sit over Mr. X's blog. If the ad accrues one click from the blog, Mr. X would have earned few cents depending upon the bid of advertiser for a click.

The main weapon to gain money from adsense is to fetch more traffic to your blog. Only when visitors flow to your website you will be getting clicks on the adcopies. Content on your website is the most important factor to drive traffic.

The following link will help you to get started with Google Adense.

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