Thursday, April 28, 2011

Sample Business Case for Purchasing SEO Tools

Business Case for Procuring New SEO Tools

I. Executive Summary:
This business case recommends the Purchase of SEO tools listed below.

Having these tools in AdvertisingAxis not only saves time for the SEO professionals but also assists them to measure and improve the performance of the websites. These tools facilitate creation of proposals and facilitate effective management of active SEO projects. 
II.Business Opportunity:
Discovers the missing opportunity for the esteemed clients and equips the SEO professionals to capitalize on the opportunity to increase the performance for the client websites.
Instead of spending more time on checking the performance of websites manually, the resources can use this tool and save their valuable time.


For Preparing Proposals -
Whenever we embark on preparing a proposal, the first and foremost important thing is to check the visibility of the website in top search engines for the target business keywords.
Manually checking the visibility of the websites for the collection of identified business keywords requires triggering the keywords one by one in top three search engine viz. Google, Yahoo and Bing. By the time we identify the keyword for which the website is not ranking it would have consumed us lot of time. The tools listed can seamlessly identify the opportunities the client has been missing so far after the input of the basic details by the SEO professional. This not only saves us time, but also provides us the details of the missing opportunities which we can capitalize to WIN projects.

For Checking the Performance of the active projects -
Present detailed view on the current performance of the website and unfolds suggestions to improve the performance from here. 

For AdvertisingAxis, these tools provide a dual opportunity; not only provides assistance in creating proposals but also helps us to manage the active projects by regularly tracking and updating the performance of websites.

V. Costs:
WebCEO - $499 per License
SEOMOZ Pro Elite - $499 / Month

VI. Recommendations:
The business case recommends purchasing both the tools namely, WebCEO and SEOMOZ Pro Elite for easily gauging the performance of performances and recommend highly valuable suggestions.

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