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Important Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

KPIs play a foremost important role to measure, understand and improve the success rate of any campaigns. I have listed down the significant Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

Search Engine Optimization Key Performance Indicators
KPIs Description Benefits
Total Organic traffic Total traffic received from search engines Organic traffic increase is a direct representation of the SEO engineered on and off the website. Improvement in Organic traffic / free traffic means the prospective customers are reaching the website through search engines, and the website is close to winning the desired business goals
Month on Month Organic Traffic Comparison Comparing the search engine traffic statistics on a monthly basis Comparing the Organic traffic on monthly basis gives us a better idea on the  percentage growth of free traffic
Keyword Rankings Checking the keyword rankings in top search engines and noting down the ranking positions Showing high up in search engines for the business keywords means the website is right before the targeted prospects prompting them to take actions to visit the website.
Top Landing Pages from Organic Search The webpages that assist people to land to the website from search engines Measuring the webpages that bring the prospects to the website by showing up for business keywords helps us to gauge the performance of webpages that frequently brings people to the website.
Conversion Rate from Organic Search The intended business action people make by reaching the website from top search engines This is the most important metrics for the business,  measuring the conversion rate from Organic searches can help the business know the real impact of SEO
Top 5 Keywords The ranking positions of top 5 business keywords  To know the performance of top 5 business keywords and its impact on business
Organic Traffic Bounce Rate The rate of  search engine visitors viewing only one webpage from search engines Website visitors viewing more than one page in the website is direct indication of people moving towards the business objective
Organic Traffic Avg.Time Avg.time the search engine visitors are spending in the website The more time the prospects reside on the site, the chances to meet the objective accentuates
Domain Authority Prediction on websites performance The ability to perform well in search engines improves with a good domain authority

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