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Winning Customers using Powerful Custom Elements in Internal Site Searches

Once you succeed in inviting the prospects to your website (first step), the subsequent goal (second step) is to give them a clear picture of your offerings with a superb content and well defined navigational structure that leads the prospects to the closing stages (third step) of a sale.

More attention could be given to people who are on your website (step two), because after doing the great job of getting the people, you don't want to waste your efforts by simply letting them go off. Prospects could be inclined very much towards the internal searches when they do not find the near information they look out for. Here a necessity arises for building a solid internal search appliance, but not limited to showing them the results with snippets of information as displayed in normal search engine result pages. Times have changed, captivating the people by providing them that extra bit of information through the internal search result pages, gives us an extra edge, and can be defining moment in winning a customer.

Here is a fabulous concept called PageMaps which indeed is a treasure from Google to add extra information to the internal search results (Google CSE / Enterprise Search). Blocks of PageMap meta data can be added to the webpages that characterize the way the custom elements are displayed below the internal search snippets. PageMaps along with structured data creates powerful custom elements along with the snippets. Businesses paying careful attention in devising the strategies for adding that additional data to its prominent pages, it could be PDF, it could be offers, case studies, testimonials, company brochures, product ranges etc., and get an enticing display in internal search listing will always have a upper hand in conversions compared to others who have not made proper use of the dusts of gold.

The below content is a courtesy of Google:
PageMaps is a structured data format that Google created to enable website creators to embed data and notes in their webpages. Custom Search recognizes PageMaps and can use it to add elements such as actions or custom attributes to search results pages.

You can add actions to your search result snippet that allow users to act on your content directly from the search result page. For example, this snippet lets users directly download a title without having to go to the page itself.

Custom attributes

It can be useful to add custom attributes to your search result snippet. For example, a product page might feature a dress, which could have a "Designer" attribute and an "Occasion" attribute.

To add a custom attribute, you'll need to create a PageMap in the <head> section of your page. Then create a DataObject for each item you want to appear in your snippet. To create the example shown above, we’ve created a DataObject called publication, with the attributes author, date, and category.

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