Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Cognizant Among Top 6 Finalists for Partner Innovation Showcase - Adobe Summit 2015

How we made it to Top 6 Finalists for Partner Innovation Showcase - Adobe Summit 2015
Receipt of Submission:
Thank you for submitting your solution!
If you have submitted for the Adobe Summit in Salt Lake City, we will select and notify the innovation showcase participants during the week of February 15.

Innovation / Solution Name: Tracking All Activities Inside PDF using Adobe Analytics Data Insertion API
Company Name: Cognizant Technology Solutions
Adobe Solution Partner Program Level: Business
Contact Name: Kamal Chembath
Description of innovation / solution: E-Tailer Coupon Business confronted a challenge in the form of tracking people uniquely who visit the website, downloads PDF and the subsequent interactions they do on the PDF.  The PDF interactions can happen online/offline, this posed a huge challenge to track the visitors uniquely. CTS as a service vendor accepted this challenge and performed the implementation which resulted in receiving the analytics data much beyond  what the Client is looking for.

Tealium and Site Catalyst integration along with Data Insertion API helped them accomplish their business objective to track coupons PDF.
Improved coupons  selection by looking at most popular coupons getting selected and printed.
Reports  results  in creating goal specific plans.
Business challenge(s) solution addresses: The client has a voucher distributing site wherein people selects the vouchers from the website, and downloads the vouchers in a standalone PDF(offline) or online PDF, takes the voucher print again from the online PDF or offline.

The E-Tailer wants to know how many people selects the vouchers, and at the voucher level how many offers are available, how many were not available (voucher expired, reached print limit etc.), how many got printed from PDF and how many were not printed by tracking same visitor from web, the reasons (printer not connected, papers unavailable to print etc.), and finally overall vouchers per unique visitor and unique vouchers per visitors (shouldn't cross more than two).

Since the objective is to track coupons selection advertised on web and  to track them in PDF format upon printing, we followed the  below approach. 
  Used Tag Management System (Tealium) for implementing tags to pullover data for Site Catalyst (Adobe Analytics) for configuring dashboards and reports.
  Collaborated with developers for using Data Insertion API to pass  coupons  specific values to Site Catalyst ..
  Audited tags functionality  through ObservePoint and  data insertion value through server logs along collaboration with developers.
  Based on unique visitors , tracked  unique visitors and their interaction on both web and  PDF that helped creating Dashboards and reports that encompasses  drilled down reports that will add value to the business like 
 Most Popular coupons                               -   Average unique coupons  prints per visitor                         
 Conversion funnels                             -   Offer Status Message occurrences  
 Print Success/Failure  Rate                             -   Offers Selected to Print Ratio  
 OS/Browser Segmentations                                 -   Geo Segmentation
WOW Factors: Tracking the visitor journey from web to PDF by understanding the Unique Visitor to Print ratio to ascertain the success of the voucher business (Unique Visitors (Web)-> Vouchers Chosen (Web) -> Print Button(Web) -> PDF opened (web) -> PDF downloaded (to the system) -> PDF Opened (Web/System) -> PDF Print Initiated (Web/System) -> PDF Successful Prints (Web/System) and finally the ability to break-down at each stage....
Business impact delivered: Tracking the visitor journey from web to PDF by understanding the Unique Visitor to Print ratio to ascertain the success of the voucher business (Unique Visitors (Web)-> Vouchers Chosen (Web) -> Print Button(Web) -> PDF opened (web) -> PDF downloaded (to the system) -> PDF Opened (Web/System) -> PDF Print Initiated (Web/System) -> PDF Successful Prints (Web/System) and finally the ability to break-down at each stage .....

More vouchers the Client distributes more is the profitability, and for complete understanding of visitor activities to improve the business they rely on SiteCatalyst where we have facilitated all data .

Is anything stopping from Client side / Offer Status messages Brand side / Printing Issues customer side to hinder the voucher prints, this can be seen in the configured reports

To judge the success of Adobe print engine which has been deployed in the PDF

Tracking the way each brand is performing and likes and dislikes of each voucher/offer pertaining to a brand

Which voucher/offer is popular in each brand, and if the discounts per offer are effectively helping each brand to promote and sell the products
Adobe solutions used: Adobe Analytics
Target Vertical Markets: Retail

Email confirming Cognizant Among Top 6 Finalists Picked up for Partner Innovation Showcase - Adobe Summit 2015

Dear Kamal,
You have been selected to participate in the Partner Innovation Showcase and present your innovation at Partner Briefing at Adobe Summit in Salt Lake City. 
You now have two weeks to prepare your presentation. Some details to keep in mind:
·      The Partner Innovation Showcase is part of the Adobe Partner Briefing event on Monday, March 9th in Salt Lake City.
·      We ask that you attend the whole event (March 9th, 12:00 pm – 6:30 pm MST).
·      We can only allow a maximum of two people to present on stage. All presenters need to be registered attendees of Adobe Summit.
·      We will schedule time with you to rehearse your presentation via web conference 6-7 days before the event, as well as on stage on Sunday, March 8th or the morning of Monday, March 9th. Time will be confirmed.
·      You will have exactly five minutes to present or demo your solution. Our judges and the audience will rate your presentation immediately after. The audience includes attendees of Adobe Partner Briefing (approximately 500 people) and Adobe executives and staff (approximately 100 people).
·      One Partner from the six participants will also be selected to present their solution in the always-fun Adobe Sneaks on Wednesday, March 11th. Sneaks is one of the largest general sessions (4-5K attendees) and a unique way to get a preview of some of the coolest innovations, directly from Adobe Engineering. Sneaks winner will be selected via the Adobe judge panel only (no audience voting). Be sure to come prepared – it could be you!
A few pointers for a successful presentation:
·      Talk about the business opportunity for your innovation. Why do clients need it? Why are they willing to invest in it?
·      Who are your target clients? Talk about the companies and roles within that will have interest in the innovation.
·      Show your innovation. Demo if possible and use short video or screenshots to make it more compelling.
·      Show the breadth of Adobe Marketing Cloud solutions used.
·      Have fun and wow the audience!
Please review the attached FAQ for additional details on the event and a PPT template for your presentation. Congratulations again and we look forward to seeing your work.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.
The Adobe Partner Marketing Team,
Sarah Ballard