Sunday, July 6, 2008

Create your Media Plan with Google Ad Planner

Today I received an invitation from Google for accessing "Ad Planner," a free media planning tool.

I was wondering how this tool would be helpful, in pursuit of the answer I rushed to access the "Ad Planner" account. I logged inside and saw the olympian features the tool has under its possession.

The highlight of the media planner is 'begin research' feature which portrays the traffic statistics of websites information. You can search for websites relevant to your audience. The vital information rendered by google for each website is furnished below.

1) Unique visitors, Country reach and Page views are assembled under Summary heading.
2) 'Sites also visited' and 'keywords searched for' are tacked together below "Visitors of website." 3)'Visitation history' gives out the daily unique visitors history.
4) Gender, age, education, household income information are exhibited beneath 'User demographics.'

Selection of websites for advertisement is made easy through "Google Ad Planner." I am sure you are excited to try your hands on the fabulous Ad Planner tool. Sign up for Ad Planner and Google will send you the invitation for creating your media plan.

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