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Seven Easy Steps for Search Engine Optimization(SEO)

Search Engine Optimization Aka SEO determines organisations online business success or failure. In this complex internet world the success or failure of websites is directly connected to its presence in major search engines. Crafting a website according to search engine guidelines and making it a real search engine friendly site is indispensable for the ultimate success of website in the internet marketing arena.

Five advantages of Search engine optimization(SEO):

1) Positioning websites in top spots in major search engines for top keywords.
2) Driving targeted traffic to websites.
3) Initiate the selling activity before prospects enter the website
4) Create brand identity and awareness.
5) Improve conversions.

Seven Steps involved in SEO:

1) Market Reasearch.
2)Researching your keywords.
3)On-page optimization.
4)Off-page optimization.
5) Carefully planning and executing the site structure.
6) Enhancing brand image.
7) Viral Marketing.

1) Market Research:

If you are already running a business, do a market research on your competitors. Find out the offers provided by your competitors, compare the features with your products and see where you are missing out in the competition. Once you find out the extra edge your competitors are basking on, try to include the similar kind of features in your product. Introducing new features by foreseeing is where the market research gains its importance. I believe SEOs should give an outline to their management of the above stated research work even though this is just a minute part of their work.

SEOs should conduct another type of market research which carries greater importance and a core part of their job. SEObook has got a wonderful tool called SEO for FireFox facilitating easy market research. This tool provides the following information.

1) Age of website.
2) Page rank offered by Google.
3) Count of the inbound links.
4) Education sites links.
5)Government website links.
6)Social bookmarkeing sites links.
7) Major directories links.

The good thing about this tool is it renders all the above stated information in the search engine result pages(SERPs).

2)Researching your keywords:

I recommend the below mentioned tools for your keyword research. These keyword suggestion tool will help you in finding out what people are actually quering in the search engines.

1) Google Keyword suggestion tool
2) Wordtracker keyword tool
3) Overture keyword tool
4)SEO Book Keyword research tool

By finding out the what people are searching for you can understand the value of keywords. Keyword popularity is determined by the search volume of the keywords. Find out the keywords related to your industry by keying in your industry related keywords.

You can also get keyword ideas by checking your webserver log files, through web analytics tools, browsing through competitors websites etc.

3)On-page optimization

Click On-page optimization link for more information on this.

4)Off-page optimization

Optimizing the website away from the website is known as Off-page optimization. Get links from directories, classifieds, search engines, social bookmarking websites, forums, blogs etc. for improving your page rank and keyword rankings.

5) Carefully planning and executing the site structure

This step is inevitable in SEO process. Site structure has to be planned well in advance before implementation. This should be at par with the keywords found through research.

1) Categorize your website in to different categories/sections
2) Carry out perfect Cross linking
3) Do not have orphan pages
4) Have your keywords in the anchor text

6) Enhancing brand image

Creating online communities and advertising would help you in gaining brand image. Advertising your website through Google adwords would aid you in raising your brand image.

7) Viral Marketing

Spreading your products or services information across the internet is called Viral marketing. Opening a compelling topic could fetch you umpteen replies.

Good luck for your SEO venture.

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