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Review of 'Woopra' Web Analytics Tool

Woopra is a revolutionary on demand web analytics tool. It clubs the features of a customer support software and usual web analytics characteristics.

I was really amazed by the visitor tracking ability of customer support softwares. These tools not only facilitate to chat with website visitors when they initiate the chat but also assists organisations to initiate chat from their side. Visitors movements can be tracked completely using the chat support softwares.I dreamt to get my hands on to the customer support tool to get more insights on the visitors behaviour inaddition to our web analytics tool.

Woopra has combined the features of chat support software with web analytics features. Isn't Woopra a revolutionary tool in reality? I am sure you are nodding your head in Concurrence!

I am really thrilled to see Woopra coming out of beta phase. Woopra is a page tagging web analytics tool offered by iFusion labs LLC. Please read the features of Woopra furnished below.

1) Woopra renders websites visitors statitics to you LIVE in a comprehensive manner.

2) Chat support features gives the visitors the flexibility to request for assistance by clicking on the chat button. Web masters can initiate chat from their part to persuade the visitors to purchase their products or services.

3) Statistics on all the usual web analytics metrics.

4) Visitor tagging ( onclick code)

Since Woopra is in its beta stage only limites invitations are being sent out to try their tool. Woopra can be installed very easily. Here are the simple steps.

1) Sign up for Woopra Web analytics tool.

2) Log into your Woopra account and Click on members tab.

3) Add your website.

4) Enter the invitation code( if you have received one)

5) Copy the Javascript snippet code and include it in your web pages.

6) Download the appropriate version of Woopra for your computer.

7) Install the downloaded software in your system.

8) Open the Woopra software from your system and enter your member 'username' and 'password.'

9) Experience the spectacular "LIVE" statistics of your website visitors.

The USP that sets Woopra apart from the existing web analytics tools be it a page tagging tool or log file tool is the "Live Visitor Tracking Functionality."

Click here to register with Woopra.

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