Saturday, November 3, 2012

Automate GA Reports, Create Visualizations and Build Dashboards | API, Apps Script

API & Apps Script Integration in Google Spreadsheet

Google analytics data can be pulled into Apps script supported products such as Google Docs, Sites, or Spreadsheets using GA  API. This integration dramatically reduces the manual work required to pull Google Analytics data and  you can utilize all the great features of Google Spreadsheets, such as easy sharing, collaboration, automation, charting and visualization tools.

Components of Integration

  • Application Registration to Generate API Key
  • Enabling API in Google Script
  • Google Script Installation
  • Querying GA Data
  • Creating Reports, Automation and Building Dashboards
Benefits of Integration
  • Create GA reports using Google spreadsheet
  • Define & automate reporting tasks – Minutes / Hours / Days / Weeks / at any specified date
  • Access GA data by writing queries in spreadsheet, without logging to Google Analytics UI
  • Multiple queries to pull GA data can be made simultaneously  from Google spreadsheet
  • Create new visualizations
  • Build Dashboards
  • Pull any dimensions and metrics easily to the spreadsheet, even the ones that are not available in Google analytics UI
  • Kill the limitations of  being able to pull only 2 dimensions at a time

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