Wednesday, November 14, 2012

WordTracker Keyword Data is Made of US & UK Searches - Data Gathered from Dogpile, Meta Crawler & Google

WordTracker complies the keyword data from Dogpile, Meta Crawler and from the Great Google's database. It doesn't use the keyword search data residing in Bing database.

More over, at present, the keword data reported in WordTracker is complied from searches made in two countries; US and UK.

    Jo: [12:06] Welcome to our real-time support chat. How can I help you today?
    KamalChandran: [12:06] Hi Support Team
    Jo: [12:07] Hi Kamal, thanks for getting in touch, how can we help you today?
    KamalChandran: [12:08] Can WordTracker provide keyword search volumes done outside United States
[12:08] or the results are only confined to United States
    Jo: [12:09] We have data for the US and UK
[12:09] We also show the Google data for other regions
[12:09] What region are you after?
    KamalChandran: [12:10] India and other countries
[12:10] say China, Japan and Germany
    Jo: [12:11] OK I can pass that info on to my team, at the moment we don't have that data in our database, however if you have a trial keywords account you can sign in and test out the Google data results
[12:11] you can also use our unique competition, live competition and KEI metrics
    KamalChandran: [12:12] Can you please send me a link containing the document pertaining to the capabilities of Wordtracker
[12:12] thanks for your help in advance
    Jo: [12:12] ok, not a problem, here is the information on our data
   KamalChandran: [12:13] we are in process of evaluating couple of paisd keyword research tools
   Jo: [12:13] Here is an article on the Google and WT data
[12:14] And here is some info on signing up for the trial
    KamalChandran: [12:14] thanks, one last question
    Jo: [12:14] I have lots of other resources should you need it
    KamalChandran: [12:14] do you have results have Bing database aswell
   Jo: [12:14] At the moment we just show the Google data
[12:15] alongside Wordtracker data
    KamalChandran: [12:15] I need one concise document to understand the capabilities.. to forward it to the higher management
[12:16] and facilitate them to make decisions to purchase a paid keyword research tool
[12:16] My email id is
[12:17] iy you can fwd the doc to me that would be great
   Jo: [12:17] There is quite a bit of information available on the capabilities of the tool but it is available in a few articles or docs
[12:18] One of the things that it depends on if what your focus is, eg the functionality of the tool, or best SEO practices, also how SEO savy your colleagues are
[12:19] the best place to start could be with the Keywords basics
[12:20] I'll also pass your details to my colleague who is in sales and ask her to send you a consise document
    KamalChandran: [12:20] thanks a dot Joe
[12:20] appreciate your help
   Jo: [12:20] you're welcome, have a great day
   KamalChandran: [12:21] have a great day too.. thanks

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