Monday, February 16, 2009

New Canonical URL Tag & its Uses- The Great Invention

Wow! what an agreement among Google Yahoo and MSN.. my hearty applause for the invention of canonical tag!!

With the advent of the canonical tag all the worries about duplicate urls vanish in thin air. To denote the web pages as duplicates but also to secure the search engine metrics associated with the URLs the only weapons search marketers had before this invention was 301 redirect. Now search marketers have a very simple way of labeling duplicate urls and also to pass on the valuable search engine metrics to the preferred URL.

Here is the simple way of informing search engines about the preferred url and the duplicate urls associated with it.

Add the following link tag to the head section of your duplicate URLs to inform Google, Yahoo and MSN about your preferred URL.

Specify your preferred url within the head section of duplicate pages using the Canonical link tag. The search engine metrics value associated with the duplicate urls will get transferred to the preferred URL.

Canonical URL tag is a excellent invention. Search engines and search marketers mutually benefit from this useful canonical URL tag. Search engine spiders now have a better way of finding duplicate urls and crediting the preferred URL with all the benefits gotten by its duplicate urls.


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