Thursday, January 3, 2013

Event Data Highlighter an Alternative to Schema / Rich Snippets

Data highlighter is a new tool to tell Google about the structured data on the pages, particularly relating to your company events / social events / any other events. Data highlighter is an alternative to structured data which allows you to tag the data fields without modifying the pages on the website.

At this point of time you can use Google's data highlighter as an alternative to mark events of your page without implementing structured data on the page which requires codes to be implemented in the website.

Using Data highlighter through webmaster tools allows you to highlight the type of events easily by making the right selections in your web page. You would be able to access the web page right inside the webmaster tools to complete your event highlighting work. You can then save the highlighted stuff, subsequent Google bot crawl will ensure you getting additional weightage in it esteemed search results.

Tomorrow, Google could support other types of rich snippets also, facilitating you to do the tag any data fields of your website with a MOUSE and make your LIFE EASY.


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