Event Driven Data Layer Implementation using ACDL/GTM - Create Own EDDL Strategy

Data Layer is a known concept for most in digital analytics. As the name suggests it is all about data residing in the layer of the pages. Data can be about useful information of your properties when the user interacts using which analytics and marketing folks understand the likes and wants of users to create an enriching experience for the users. Capturing the data useful for your properties is the foundation to begin knowing anything about your users preferences to provide compelling user experiences that flourish your business. Designing a robust data layer should the number one priority to take the right path to success. Most of us have heard about Customer Experience Digital Data Layer layer by W3C and would have worked on designing data layer to collect data footprints of the users.  One of the main challenges in tracking in SPA / regular pages is users moving to next page or bouncing off the pages. Tracking Interactions happening on a page without the need to refresh the page ne

Traditional eVars vs Merchandising evars in SiteCatalyst [Digital Analytics Tool]

eVars are great, it is persistent...can retain the value.. has got the expiration settings...allocation settings...can work better with success events...no matter how distant it is........... but its ability to hold only one value at the time makes its team mate Merchandising evar popular than it.

eVars can walk/run scores of miles over the website to meet it lover(s), the success events. Lets look at this example, a person is searching for shoes and towels, adds to cart both the product, and buys both the products. Most of the people would have used "most recent allocation" for the eVars, and if that is the case here...just guess which one would get the credit......and it is going to be obviously Mr.Towel..

Merchandising eVars can correctly assign the credit for each of the searches --> Shoes for the product Shoes, and Towels for the product towel.

As I had mentioned in my earlier post there are 2 methods of Merchandising evar, the Product syntax and Conversion variable syntax. Read it here

Merchandising Variables in SiteCatalyst

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