Migration Automation Tool: Migrate Google Analytics GA3 / Universal Analytics(UA) to GA4 using Google Tag Manager

Here is POC on Migrating GA3 / Universal Analytics to GA4 using Google Tag Manager. Demo Covers: Creation of GTM Account, Container and Workspace for tags  Adding GTM codes to webpages and enabling GTM Universal Analytics Property Creation in GA GTM UA / GA3 Pageview tag creation GA3 Event tag creation by capturing CSS selector for the button event trigger GA4 Property Creation and linking via GA Enabling GA4 pageview tag  Using GTM GA4 migrator tool to migrate GA3/UA event tags to GA4 Scanning though the GA4 event migration Validation using GTM debug mode Report validation

Which testing practice is usually considered advanced or sophisticated?

Currently, some of the most complex tests to run are segmentation, personalization, and dynamic content tests. These tests require a deep understanding of who your audience is, where and how your traffic is arriving, and what your viewers require.

Unsure what the other test techniques are? Here’s an explanation:

A/A, A/B, or A/B/N tests are just a fancy name for the plain, old split test. 

•    An A/A test splits traffic 50/50 and tests the exact same thing against itself. A/A tests are usually implemented before A/B testing to make sure test results will be valid.

•    A/B, or traditional split testing, occurs when you split traffic 50/50 and compare version A to version B to see which converts better.

•    A/B/N testing occurs when you compare any number (N) of versions against each other to determine which converts best.

Sequential testing is different than split testing. It occurs when you test one element, then another, and compare results. Sequential testing is sometimes used for low traffic sites. However, sequential tests can be problematic because time itself is a variable that impacts results. Testers shouldn’t be running sequential tests for months at a time just to get statistically significant results.

Navigation and landing page tests are studies that look at how viewers navigate your site or interact with your landing page. Sometimes these tests are very complex. But in general, navigation and landing page studies aren’t as sophisticated as segmentation, personalization, or dynamic content tests.

So what are segmentation, personalization, and dynamic content tests? Go to the next question to find out.

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